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Re: Bolt On Upgrades

Originally Posted by K-Ryder View Post
If Maxxkid can drop an RB26DETT into a 4thgen Maxima with major fabrication, then someone can fabricate a sr20de to fit into a 3rdgen. Money talks people. So I stand by my statement. Even Big E Dog converted his 2ndgen into a RWD. Do something big and out of the ordinary. An inline motor can handle a lot of power.

Do I need to support my statement with thread. Please allow me.
Big E Dog


There's not many options for bolt-ons for a 3rdgen anyway. Usually you would need to swap the motor out for a vq30de-k or a vq35de. It just depends on how big your pockets are. Some people think outside the box and do what everyone thinks isn't possible, or the norm. Everyone's car is practically the same, same drops, rims, lipkits, etc. Many have done F/I. It's all a trend, everyone has done everything the last person did, only thing different is the driver. And some do beyond what others think isn't possible. So yes I do understand what I write, I've also done a lot of research on custom swaps for various cars.
have you actually heard/witnessed someone swapping OUT a factory V6 motor for a 4 cyl motor that involved massive fabrication work?
who in their right mind would downsize their motor to get less power and maybe slightly better MPG.

do me a favor...don't talk about 3rd gens because clearly you know zero about the topic.

sure there's not many bolt ons for 3rd gens because they are over 20 yrs old and not many are left on the road. also in the early 90s the import modding scene was very very new. around late 4th gen was when things started to pick up in the aftermarket modding and etc where you have companies making parts for maximas....and there wasn't really a whole lot at the time either.

no you "usually" don't need to swap out to a VQ30 or VQ35. there are still tons of parts available for VG motors. i assure you my car is not the same as someone else car. the z31 guys are still very much in the motor sport given it's more grassroots and less mainstream. JWT still offers billet cams (stage 1 and stage 2) with upgraded valve train. of course vadim will say the VG is a POS motor because VQ is god of all motors...but that's another day for that discussion.

here's some Z31 dynos running VG30ET motors...

let me see your "research" on swaps. it is more than doing a google search?

just because you converted a FWD car to a RWD car just tells me you have a lot of money and time to burn. at the end of the day you don't even know how well (or poorly) the car is going to drive. people were paid a ton of money at nissan to make sure things are built properly and correctly....then you come in and rip it all out. IMO it's more bragging rights more than anything else. sure i can drop a 2JZ motor into a maxima and run SC300 drive train on it and crank out massive power...doesn't mean it should be done.

you're soooo wrong and out of your element that you don't even have a clue. so please do yourself a favor and stop dropping your "thoughts" on 3rd gens and drop your knowledge to some newbie in the 4th gen section.
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